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Strategic Planning

Business Consultation Services

Let HSI be your thinking partner to solve a variety of business challenges and leverage new opportunities. Services range from business and operational planning to targeted issues management and gaming scenarios.

Success Coaching

Develop the mindset and habits of success that work for you. Whether you are a new entrepreneur or a seasoned executive looking for a reframe, HSI success coaching focusses on goal-oriented personal development that translates to business success.

Corporate Writing Services

Bring in a professional pen for your most important documents, from first draft to high gloss polish. HSI applies a creative, fresh approach that brings business communications to life.

Diversity & Inclusion

HSI is a leader in the development of diversity and inclusion strategies and practices. Simply put, businesses that embrace diversity are more innovative and successful than those that do not focus on reducing barriers and creating inclusive work environments. Services range from strategic planning, program design, inclusion reviews to coaching for inclusion.

Indigenous Reconciliation Work

At HSI, we are dedicated to supporting reconciliation efforts, programs, and initiatives with all First Peoples, with a focus on value strategies that support equity and socio-economic well being in the new era of UNDRIP, DRIPA, and the TRC Calls to Action.

HSI Hobbs Strategic Insights

Applying Innovative Thinking and Analysis for Systems Change and Business Breakthroughs

Sasha Hobbs, Founder & Principal Strategist, HSI