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Nuclear Insights Weekly - March 28, 2017

US: X-Energy Steps Into The Ring With Its Advanced Pebble Bed Modular Nuclear Reactor
Last week, the company announced that it has started the conceptual design phase for its Xe-100 high temperature gas-cooled (HTGR) pebble bed modular reactor.

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Nuclear Insights Weekly - February 21, 2017

A consortium of small modular reactor developers and customers has issued a policy statement setting out the benefits of public-private partnerships to facilitate the commercialization and export of US-designed SMRs.

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Nuclear Insights Weekly - January 24, 2017

The International Atomic Energy Agency has concluded a five-day Site and External Events Design mission to Belarus, which is building its first nuclear power reactors. The two Russian-designed 1170 MWe VVER units are scheduled to begin operations by 2020.

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Nuclear Insights Weekly - January 17, 2017

The Tennessee Valley Authority has welcomed the acceptance for regulatory review of its early site permit application for the Clinch River site in Tennessee as a milestone towards the potential use of small modular reactors in its operating fleet.

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Nuclear Insights Weekly - January 9, 2017

Rolls-Royce has named the companies it is working with to bring a small modular reactor (SMR) to market in the UK. Amec Foster Wheeler, Nuvia and Arup, together with the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, are working with Rolls-Royce to develop the latest technology reactors.

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